Fistful of Frags review

Fistful of frags is a free to play, online western shooter on steam. It started as an indie mod for Half-Life 2 and is now a standalone game on steam. I have been playing it a lot over the past year and I decided to review it as my first review, so here it is…

Fistful of Frags (or FoF) is in my opinion, a great game it is constantly updated at least every week with each update containing things like patches on the weapons, the maps and bug fixes. Each update is important and really shows the developers take their time and are very passionate about the game! The community is also usually very welcoming to new players with the exception of course of the few who are not exactly friendly.

The gameplay is done well with the weapons being surprisingly realistic with of course certain changes to make the game balanced. A good example of this is the Colt Walker: it is really slow to reload however it mostly kills in one shot, most ranges. This brings a sort of tactical aspect to the game making you decide when to shoot and when to reload. This game also has a mechanic where your accuracy goes down the more you move with the best accuracy being when you are crouched and stood still. This also adds to the amount of skill you need and will have to learn. It also, luckily, doesn’t have any microtransactions and is purely free.

The weapons are all pretty authentic with weapons like the Smith Carbine, Schofield and Colt Navy all being real weapons in History. They are all also carried out pretty realistically within the game with of course certain drawbacks as I mentioned earlier for balance to the game.

FoF also has really good map design having at least five very different maps and many different game modes like teamplay where you work with your team to achieve an objective; team shootout where you play one of two teams and try to get more kills than the other team and others.

Overall the game is well built and has a good degree of historical accuracy and realism. However, it does have some flaws, of course such as some bot glitches and out of the map bugs but it is a game that is still being developed and the things can be overlooked. My rating is 4.6/5 a good game with some small flaws which can be overlooked but still need fixing.

If you would like to play the game yourself it is on steam and the link is here–


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